There are few things left to be said about Peter Joppich that has not already been written countless times by the media. Four times Individual World Foil Champion - five times if you count his win for Team Germany - Peter is already a legend in our world of fencing. Not forgetting his Bronze medal at the Olympics for Team Germany too. But perhaps there is one thing that has not been quite covered - and that is his capacity to love and to be loved. Our founder, T.K. Wong tells us more in this journal entry.

Over dinner one evening with Peter, I came to learn he did not drink wine, or any alcohol for that matter. Through the years, I had come to know that Peter was very disciplined about what he ate, and that he took great care of his physical health, just like how most top elite sportsmen would. But, this new relevation hit home like no other, he was a real professional - serious about sacrificing everything for his profession.

Now we all know of elite fencers who would say some alcohol is harmless, and others who even claim that being mildly inebriated actually helped them fence better! But for Peter, it was all business. To be at the pinnacle for as long as he has, and to win the german, european and world championships so many times at that - took a different level of discipline. Peter got that one down.

If you know Peter, you would also know the woman of his life, Ina Marceline. She has always been there for Peter wherever he fences, in mind, body and spirit.

It's wonderful to see such a loving couple manage and harmonise through such a tough schedule as Peter had - one that almost requires total selfishness by the athlete. But they make time for each other, for each other's loves and needs, and they have made it work for over 10 years now.

Ina, a former competitive rhythmic gymnast herself, loves the sunny, easy-going and glam LA lifestyle. They make it a point to always spend some time there - almost their second home away from Koblenz, Germany, where Peter lives and trains in nearby Bonn Olympic Center. Ina works as an events planner there for a state sponsored organisation. But supporting Peter's golden fencing career is love #1.