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ZZUMA & Co. was born out of a deep desire to bring back the beauty and heroism behind the heritage of fencing. We believe there is a hero in each of us, and the world will become better when we become that hero.


So begins our quest to interpret modern day hero-wear, clothes that embrace "classic values with a modern mission."


- Founders, ZZUMA & Co.





Our interpretation of the classic MA-1 Bomber Jacket that accompanied many fighter pilots in the past on their heroic missions.


The ZZUMA MA-1 Fighter Jacket is inspired by how our elite fencers have to traverse the entire world, to duel and earn their stripes as the masters of the world of swordsmanship.

Made from the highest quality MA-1 fabric used by top luxury brands, this beautiful yet hard wearing fabric is sourced and made in Japan exclusively for authentic MA-1 inspired jackets.

The ZZUMA Fighter Jacket silhouette is a blend of the elegance and comfort of a gentlemen's suit jacket with the performance and all-purpose use of a bomber jacket.


It features the heroic X pattern on the back that our handcrafted performance gloves are also identified with. So that one may go from flight to fight, or any mission that you may be called upon to take on.  


Now available in deep navy, muted bronze and combat green.


An exclusive ZZUMA x Gnome & Bow Travel Bag Collection

 A collective of a two-way clutch, drawstring tote and a luxurious fencing bag for the heroes and heroines of the world.


Designed with function and style, The Williamsburg is not only a great travel piece, it is also perfect for sophisticated fencers for their duels around the world.

Find out more at THE WILLIAMSBURG

ZZUMA New Edition '17

High Performance Gloves


Hong Kong, a bustling city thriving with energy, we incorporated her iconic harbour skyline into our high performance glove to mark her fencers' rise in the world of fencing.

Preorder  now


As beautiful as she gets, this land we call America. The second edition of our classic Team USA glove draped in iconic ZSTARS & ZSTRIPES. A collectible beauty not to be missed.

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