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Five gloves, five different stories.


"Inspiration lies within dedication. I will bring this glove with me as inspiration" 

                               Race Imboden

                           World's #1 Ranked Fencer 2015



Launched and previewed at the USFA Summer Nationals in Dallas in 2016, this USA glove signifies the growing strength of TEAM USA on the global fencing stage. 

A series of stars rises up towards the beautifully embroidered USA logo outlined in gold thread. Handcrafted in Japan, with over 20 parts making up this glove for its superior dexterity. A 3-layer Impact diffusing gel, kevlar together with the suede outer gives excellent protection to the hand, and a 3D anti-slip grip layer lines the thumb and fingers for greater control.


"best glove in the world"  - review by



An improbable island-city that turned into a thriving world metropolis. Singapore, our original homeland, is a nation that inspires in every aspect by dreaming big. So for her 50th birthday, ZZUMA came up with the idea of ZSTAR FORCE 1 to pay tribute to this ideal. The iconic flag design of five stars and a crescent moon is rearranged on this glove to represent the shooting star symbolising the meteoric rise of this country. We envision wearers of ZSTAR FORCE 1 will identify with this spirit – to dream big, overcome the improbable and punch way above their size



2015 was a special year for Japan and Asia alike. That year, Ota emerged as the winner for the Men’s foil event in the World Fencing Championship held in Moscow, Russia, thus making him the first Japanese athlete to win a world championship in fencing. This win joined his many triumphs from previous years – Silver medals in the 2008 and the 2012 (Team) Olympics, making him the first ever Japanese fencer in history to win an Olympic fencing medal.


Ota’s speed and precision, and the prestige he brought to his home country reminded us very much of the values we hold true to ZZUMA. Through TOKYO-ZSPEED, we strive to capture this essence of speed and perfection this world-class fencer showcases in his journey to inspiring the land of the rising sun.



Imboden is a man with many labels – fencer, model, DJ. At his young age, it is difficult to imagine anyone else with a life as diverse and engaging as his. Throughout his athletic career, Imboden has managed to secure himself the title of the youngest top-ranking foil fencer in the world, with many wins under his belt.


BROOKLYN PRIDE, with the famous Brooklyn Bridge as the main stencil, was designed especially for him, reminding him of his journey from Brooklyn, where he calls home and the Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club where he hones his skills today. It is also heavily influenced by Imboden’s growing presence in the fashion scene,having modelled and walked for big brands like Marc Jacobs, J Crew and Louis Vuitton over the years. This glove aims to follow in his footsteps, and meld the sport he excels in together with the culture of style and beauty he embodies.



He snagged his first World Championship Individual Title when he was just 21 years old. Over the years, his achievements in the fencing world did not settle.


Described by the media as the kind of fencer who makes “the act of winning a habit”, Joppich, with his 4-time World Fencing Individual Championship wins and admirable placings in three Olympic games including a Bronze medal, was a definite choice for our First Flight SS16 series. Each gold star on the GOLDEN-ZSTEEL that we have designed represents the number of times he took home the title from the World Championships. This accompanied by the black and gold trim of the glove, signifies the integrity and nerves of steel this German eagle and knight stands for in his sport.


Joppich is a hard worker, fearless and enduring like a gentleman. It is these qualities that make him the successful athlete he is today, and we hope through this glove, men would be moved to be the same.



“Here comes the story of Hurricane, the man the authorities came to blame for somethin' that he never done. Put in a prison cell, but one time he could-a been the champion of the world.”


These are the lyrics of Bob Dylan’s protest song, “Hurricane”, that followers of this Italian fencer will never forget. After a positive drug test back in 2008, which stripped him of his opportunity to compete in the Beijing Olympics, Baldini eventually got cleared a year later, and came back strong as the winner of the 2009 World Fencing Championships. Displayed on the podium was his country flag, and on it were these words written in paint, signifying his victory and rise from the obstacle that had befallen him the year before.


Baldini's finesse and sense of timing in this sport are what brought him his World Champion titles, but it is this story of defeating the odds stacked against him that inspired us to mould a glove in his honor. It is our hope that through this elegant, simple combination of white and azzure blue of ITALIA, his silent strength through the ordeal and eventual triumph would hearten any aspiring fencer who faces the same hurricane force.

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