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"True Style is a Journey of Self Mastery"




ZZUMA & Co. was born out of a deep desire to bring back the beauty and heroism behind the heritage of fencing. We believe there is a hero in each of us, and the world will become better when we become that hero.


So begins our quest to interpret modern day hero-wear, clothes that embrace "classic values with a modern mission."


Our journey begins with the fencer's glove. For us, the glove is not just a glove, but the last apparel on the fencer from which he holds the blade. With this glove, we express the style and personality of our wearer, while crafting a product of the finest quality, handcrafted to exacting details and tested to perform at the highest level by the world's elite fencers.


This glove is the first expression of our ZZUMA DNA, where we believe "true style is a journey of self-mastery."


Our adventure has taken us from our original homeland in Singapore, to Japan, and finally to our current base camp in Brooklyn, New York. Gritty Brooklyn is becoming the new global epicenter for the creative and the maker - a perfect stage for our next push into design, fashion and lifestyle.


From here, our vision is to build ZZUMA into the finest performance apparel and lifestyle brand for the world's elite fencers. And always, to be "the bridge for all who seek to uncover the hero in themselves."


- Toon-King Wong & Joseph Engert

   Founders, April 2016

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